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Employers and company trainers! Our online Cultural Awareness Training will promote cultural competence within your teams. CATonline is a Supply Nation Certified Company using expert Indigenous cultural advisors.

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Cultural awareness training fosters flow by promoting social cohesion within an inclusive work environment. Flow is that “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best”. If your team is in flow, your people are happier and infinitely more productive.

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This program is not only for the workplace, it is an important education tool. Every class room in Australia needs to do this training.

We were looking for the right training to compliment our Reconciliation Action Plan and this course was the perfect match.

Wow, absolutely amazing! As a white Australian with little knowledge of Aboriginals, this course has changed my perception forever. Thank you.

The CAT Online course is a thorough and well-produced learning aid. The Stolen Generation section was so powerful; I never knew this horrible practice existed. I felt ashamed but at the same time powerful in the new knowledge I have gained.

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