CATonline Sample Training

Demonstration Of Our Training

Below is a sample video training module. The reason we have created professional quality video content for all our training modules is simple. The human brain requires emotional input to absorb information and make decisions.

Having well produced video content, with a professionally narrated voice over allows the viewer to be totally immersed in the content topic. This results in a far greater level of information retention.

How Our Training Works

Each section of the CATonline course consists of an informational video module. At the end of each module the participant is required to correctly answer 3 multiple choice questions relating to the course content.

If you fail to answer all the questions correctly you can redo the section until you are successful. The CATonline Level 1 course consists of 11 sections and will take the participant approximately 2 hours to complete.

We deliver world class cultural competency skills in a self-paced, video based eLearning package


  • Watch the entire video

  • Click on the Questions » button below the video

  • Answer the 3 multiple choice questions

CATonline Sample Training

You must watch this video in its entirety before answering any questions

When the video has finished, please click on the Questions » button to answer the quiz for this module.