Nationally Aligned Training Courses

What is CATonline?

CATonline stands for Cultural Awareness Training Online. We are an educational resource hub for accessing online education and training in Indigenous studies Australia wide. Our purpose is to harness the collective of; knowledge, research, training, digital production and online delivery, to offer world class audiovisual training guides.

Who uses CATonline?

CATonline produce nationally aligned training programs suitable all individuals engaged in:

  • Corporate and Private Business

  • Civil, Mining & Resources

  • Federal, State and Local Government Authorities

  • Education Institutions

  • Service Delivery Organisations

  • Individuals

CAT Level 1 Course
The CAT Level 1 course is suitable for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and for people living and working anywhere within Australia. Whether you are delivering services specifically to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, working with Indigenous colleagues, working with the general public or you just want to increase your understanding about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people you live with, this course is for you.

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The Level 1 Course duration is 2 hours

This course consists of 12 professionally produced video modules. Throughout this easy to follow course you will learn about the many challenges that Australia’s Indigenous people and the Torres Strait Islander people have faced since colonisation.

As a participant you will gain a better understanding of the Indigenous Australians in your workplace, social environments and the community in which you live.

It is the only video based course in Australia that is nationally aligned, competency based and available online meaning the course can be completed at work, at home and at a pace suitable for you

We deliver world class cultural competency skills in a self-paced, video based eLearning package