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CATonline has been developed specifically for Australian business, government and all organisations looking to advance their staff on a journey to create a more tolerant and harmonious society. CATonline is the only video based Nationally Aligned Cultural Awareness Training in Australia.

CAT Pricing Model

We have priced our course registration fees to be extremely attractive for all sized business, large or small. At CATonline we want every employer and employee to have access to our world class training at an affordable price.
In fact, CATonline is the cheapest Nationally Aligned Training course of any kind in Australia.

Why did we do this, when our product is totally unique and can command a premium price?

At CATonline, we believe if our professional training is affordable to everyone we will achieve success by having CATonline integrated across a vast array of business,industry and organisations who could normally not afford to implement a Nationally Aligned Training course of this type.

The Team at CATonline hold a firm ethical and cultural belief that our training can make a difference to every person who participates in our training.

Together, we can create a more harmonious and inclusive society

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