How Cultural Compentency Creates Optimal Workplace Flow

Employers and company trainers! Our online Cultural Awareness Training will promote cultural competence within your teams. CATonline is a Supply Nation Certified Company using expert Indigenous cultural advisors. Our nationally aligned eLearning content promises to deliver rich insights for a more tolerant and inclusive workforce.

Cultural awareness training fosters flow by promoting a harmonious, more tolerant and inclusive work environment. Flow is that “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best”. If your team is in flow, your people are happier and infinitely more productive. But how can you turbo charge your company’s culture and still get today’s work done?


CAT Online (Cultural Awareness Training Online) is a powerful digital platform for learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Our course provides clear insights and understanding around

But how can you turbo charge your company’s culture
and still get today’s work done?

Key benefits of CAT Online
  • Generate long lasting cultural competency and team effectiveness through education

  • Curtail the expression of racism through education and understanding

  • Promote the benefits of cultural understanding in a modern workplace

  • Cost effective, tax deductible and nationally aligned

  • Delivered in easy to digest video based modules

  • Access training anytime online 24/7/365

  • Make your Reconciliation Action Plan goals a reality

How do we deliver our training?

There is no denying the Internet has become the information super highway for the delivery of information in the new millennium and for many good reasons.Access to our eLearning programs is available 24/7/365 so you are able to undertake the training at a time and place that’s suitable to you or your staff.

Our training programs are available from our website with secure login via individual portals for each client. A database is available for each businesses or entity to monitor who has completed the training course.

Become a leader today!

start your journey to create a more harmonious and inclusive society

Our philosophy is simple
The Power Of Video Content

The reason we have created professional quality video content for all our training modules is simple; the human brain requires emotional input to absorb information and make decisions. Having well produced video content, with a professionally narrated voice over allows the viewer to be totally immersed in the content topic.

This results in a far greater level of information retention.

Would you rather read the book,
or watch the movie?

In fact Research shows people will retain over 75% of information delivered in a video compared to 35% retention through conventional classroom lessons or reading textbooks.

CATonline is the only video based Cultural Awareness Training in Australia Nationally Accredited and available online 24/7/365
Take a sample training lesson and discover why CATonline video based eLearning is your key to cultural competency